So My New Haircut….

…. is not how I like it. I called last week to get an appointment with Sharyn to get my hair cut.  There was a miscommunication and the woman who answered the phone meant SHE had an opening when I thought she meant that Sharyn had an opening.

During the discussion about it today, she said, “I’m not sure how things are between you and her.”  So, the state of the friendship between Sharyn and myself is a topic of discussion there and was part of it, I’m sure.

I figured since I drove that far and was there…. I would give her a chance to cut it. I didn’t want to.   But, being that I was thinking that it’s more evidence that Sharyn doesn’t even want to cut my hair, I still needed the haircut and had already blocked out the time.

I wasn’t quite sure of the cut when I was sitting in the chair. But, when I looked more, I don’t like the cut. 

So, I called Sharyn’s voicemail and said, “There was a miscommunication with Lisa when I got my appointment and I thought I was getting my hair cut by you. Since I was there, I let her cut it.  But, I need to know if you don’t want me as a client.”

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