Haircut Update

I called back to see about getting my hair corrected. Lisa made an appointment for Thursday so she can try to fix it.  While I was on the phone, I asked if Sharyn was available. She said that Sharyn was with a client and asked if she could relay a message.  I said I just wanted to ask her if she wanted to cut my hair. She said, “She doesn’t like it when I ask personal questions when she’s with a client.”  Sigh…..

I said, “It’s not a personal question. It’s a business question. I need to know if she wants to cut my hair or not.” She went away and came back to tell me that Sharyn, “…said she doesn’t have a problem with it as long as she has the openings.” Another sigh….

So, I’m going back to have my hair fixed as much as possible.  It has been tormenting me since it was cut and I keep pushing it and adjusting it so much it’s annoying.

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