Macy’s Made Me Livid

OK….. I’m livid at the moment and still need to vent.  For Christmas, I gave my mother a Macy’s gift card. She went today with my brother and nephew to pick out what she wanted at the Steubenville, Ohio store. When I got back from working this evening, she called me — crying — on her way home.  She said the people there treated her badly and the security guard scared her and threw her out of the store. She said it made her head hurt.  (She has high blood pressure.)  After she arrived back, I found that my brother and nephew were with her. 

She couldn’t find what she was looking for and asked for help after more than an hour in the store.  There was one woman on the checkout and when she asked her for help after not being able to find anyone; the woman started to help but then said she couldn’t because she was the only one on the checkout.  Someone told her she have to wait at least another 20 minutes.   My mother requested the money from the card so she could go get something somewhere else. They would not do that and said she needed the receipt.  She went to complain to the manager.  They told her to go upstairs to customer service and then told her there wasn’t a customer service when she went upstairs. She finally got to talk to manager who told her that she wasn’t going to give her a refund. Mother told her to give her back the card and she would go somewhere else; when the supposed manager took an attitude and smarted off to her. At this point, my brother (partially disabled from an injury) took the card from her hand and told her not to speak to his 82 year old mother like that. As they were leaving, she called security on them.  Downstairs, they asked if there was an office that they could talk to someone and the security guard stepped up into her face and told her, “You talked to the manager, now leave the store!” It startled her… and my brother stepped in between them. I called (before they were home) to talk to someone and a woman who said she was a manager, but not the store manager, answered. I told her that the security guard was lucky I wasn’t there at the moment because we’d see if he wanted to try to bully someone his own size that isn’t afraid of him since he likes to bully 82 year old women.

I am still angry and plan to take it up with corporate tomorrow.

And, I will get the refund.  Even if I have to get it along with court awarded attorney’s fees.  It’s the principle of it and I will not let it go.

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