I Dreamed

Last night, I dreamed that I started to walk out the door and Sable was laying down by the door waiting to be let in. I let her in, even though I thought that it was impossible for her to be here because I knew she was dead.

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Body Under Siege

OK…. so…. the tree needs finished…. and I feel like a man with a body under siege.  There are invisible Lilliputians  attacking me from bottom to top.  I have a foot that won’t stop spasming/curling.  My aforementioned back problem has become 2 back problems.  The back problem in the top of my back has caused a problem with my left shoulder near where the shoulder joins the back.  My costal cartilage in my chest is pulled out again. 

And to top it all off….  just inside my nostril near the very tip of my nose… where your nose is especially sensitive… there’s a humongous alien incubating.

But, the cold is almost gone.  So, I guess things are looking up.

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