Strange Dreams

I dreamed that I was in Pittsburgh and was walking to get to a location so I could get home.  I don’t know if I was walking to my car or walking home; but it was a long way.  The walkway I was on went through buildings, on top of buildings, and was itself a long bridge in places — as if it was a walkway in the air for miles. 

In one part, I was talking to two young women — one american and one japanese.  They both seemed nice and both were pretty.  But, the american was really attractive to me.  As I was talking to them, I was thinking about asking her out. At one point, I was sitting in a seat as if I was in a large classroom or auditorium.  I was trying to figure out where I needed to go to get to my destination and was lost for directions.   I saw her walk in and motioned to her to come sit next to me and she/they did.  But, as I was talking to them, she changed to a man.  So, then I was confused.  We were walking some more and as we did, she changed back to a woman. Then, I was so confused that I thought possibly something was wrong with me and I asked questions of them to determine who they really were.  I started with the Japanese woman. “You’re a woman, right?  And you are Asian, probably Japanese.” Then to the other woman when I finished her questions.  “You’re a woman. You have blue eyes, brown hair…” and she was affirming and helping me with the answers. Then, she said it was her turn and she asked me questions and her questions included whether I liked her and was going to ask her out. It was really weird.  I knew that I was in college and was also in a hospital in part of the dream, also.

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