Rough Night

I had a rough night.  I sometimes have a hard time with my legs itching during the night.  It happens more in the winter.  It got worse after the shower was put in. I have tried all kinds of things; including moisturizing shower soap, watching the water temperature, using lotions,watching that my socks don’t cut my circulation, etcetera. I sometimes think that it’s worse when I have long-johns on for the cold temps. They really tormented me last night, despite the fact that I used a medicated lotion on them before I went to bed. They were itching just a little and I thought I might prevent the full blown attack.  It didn’t work.  I woke up more than once with them itching and I have discovered that I had scratched them bloody in my sleep. Ugh.

After finally going back to sleep sometime near dawn, I finally slept.  But, that sleep was full of dreams.  One part involved the family farm, llamas, an antique bicycle, Rhillai and his wife and a future child,  Rhillai’s vehicle with a grey crusty shell over it……. and more.

And I have to work today.

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2 thoughts on “Rough Night

  1. I think your rough nights are contagious. You had a rough night a couple of days ago. V.C.S. couldn’t sleep at all the night before last. Last night the wind was howling so hard and loud I couldn’t sleep. There is something about the wind that keeps me unsettled.

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