My Few Days

As I sit and write this on Sunday morning, I just returned from the emergency room and am operating on 3 hours of sleep. I need to get showered…. possibly eat something…and then go back. I’ve had a rough couple of days.  For a few days now, everything I do related to work is causing setbacks and delays. On top of that, my mother went to the emergency room by ambulance yesterday with severe head pain and super high blood pressure.

Yesterday, I worked from 2:30-11:30 having a frustrating time with the computer I was working on while getting updated by cell phone the entire evening about my mother.  I came home about midnight to eat for the first time yesterday and it seemed that she was doing better. So, I decided to get some sleep and go this morning to see how she was doing.  A family friend and one of my cousins split time with her because I was so exhausted. I got called in the middle of the night that mother wanted me.

She was having severe headaches, swelling, and high blood pressure. The pain meds would work some, but not relieve it completely. Right now, my sister and b.i.l. are with her so I can get showered.  I might take a quick nap… but probably won’t have time.

Additionally, Friday was bad for work and I discovered that someone had broken into a network at one of my client’s offices.  So…. I didn’t make it home until 11 that night, either.

But… I’m getting a second wind…. or just don’t feel how tired I am at the moment…..

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