I Voted For A Black Man Today

I voted for a black man today. No… it was not Obama.

I bet you didn’t know that another black man was running for president, did you? No…. even I didn’t. The media made sure of it. I hadn’t heard one word about it.

So…. Yes, I — being the so-called white, conservative/libertarian racist — voted for a black man today. In fact, I voted for one several years ago, before it was a fashionable to be involved in a history making event like voting in a black president.

I had a hard time choosing between Ron Paul and Alan Keyes, because I like lots of what each of them say. I’m somewhat put off by Alan Keyes’ religion and God platform, but I find him to be intelligent politically and economically. I believe he was on the republican ticket, but has since broken with the G.O.P. and gone to the Constitution Party; which I was a “founding member” in trying to get resurrected some years ago.

But, there you have it! I said it! I, the white, male, conservative, right wing racist, voted for a black man! I feel so much better getting that off my chest! Can I start claiming to be a superior liberal leftist now??

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