The Stuff Under The Tree

In addition to the aforementioned Socom for the PSP.  I also received a Coleman Powermate PMC8144 220 psi Cordless Rechargeable Compressor with Fluorescent Worklight which is neat.  It recharges in the house or car.  I could have used it on the day I brought home the boat.  The trailer tires were low and I had to stop to buy extensions to reach the compressor I keep in the car to the tires.  With this, I wouldn’t have had to do that.

I also received Frantix for the PSP along with 3 horse figurines; including a most adorable and funny bobble-head horse. I also received a wolf crystal sculpture and a rocking horse figurine.  There was a wolf blanket/throw, and also a special edition CD by Norah Jones


My Alaskan Friends sent me a DVD of “Aurora”, about the Northern Lights.  I also received eBible.

As is almost like a required tradition, I also received a gift that was intended for my oldest nephew, but somehow got my name on it.  I opened it and knew it wasn’t supposed to be for me because I was the one that picked it out for him.  🙂

In another timeless tradition, I also forgot to give my mother one of the gifts for her; so I did as soon as I remembered.  Her stylist — a client of mine — called me just after she left from her perm appointment and said, “Your mother was just here and wanted a hairdryer but didn’t have enough money.  If you don’t have a gift for her, this would be perfect.”  Ok… it’s a good thing when the gifts seek you out instead of the other way around.  🙂

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