It has gotten extremely windy here.  There are high wind warnings all about.  As I was waking this morning, I heard what sounded like a gunshot pretty close to my house.  I would say it was about 200 feet away.  I still hadn’t climbed out of bed, yet, so I just listened.  I have heard power company transformers explode and make a similar sound.  So, I just wanted to listen to hear what happened next.  After a couple of minutes, I could hear very distant sirens which seemed to be getting a little louder.  Then….. nothing. I decided to climb out of bed and start my day.

Just as I walked to look outside, I saw a fire truck with lights on, but no sirens, going down the road.  It pulled into my neighborhood and went toward a vehicle about a block away which appears to be an SUV belonging to the state police, county sheriff or city police.  But, as of right now, there aren’t any other vehicles visable because of the terrain.

The electricity is on.  So…. I don’t know what is happening.  But, something did.

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