Worked in Wheeling

Worked in Wheeling

This morning, I was scheduled to work in Wheeling at the courthouse.  I was getting ready and trying to answer calls, etc.  I let my dog, Sable, outside and forgot about her.  She is nearly completely blind because of degenerative cone disease.  (Moon Eyed).  As I was putting my things in the car, I heard a noise in the weeds and looked to see her trying to figure out where she was.  She was on the other side of a big ditch over by the yard. She was disoriented and couldn’t get back.  She hurt herself falling in the ditch and finally got out; but got out on the wrong side and couldn’t figure out how to get back over to the yard side.  She was really upset.  I went to get her and had to lead her back.  I had to try to walk her across a couple of logs… and she couldn’t stay on them because she’s completely blind in the daytime.  She was whining as I was trying to get her to make the first step back down toward the ditch.  She knew she was close to it, but couldn’t figure out how to get across.  So, she was nervous.  I don’t know how she got out of the ditch at all… especially on that side of the ditch.  I don’t know how long she was lost.  I felt sorry for her… felt bad about forgetting she was out there.  Tonight, she’s walking like she’s sore…. and tired.  My mother took her to a place to wash and trim her since I couldn’t stay here and try to bath her.

Got a parking ticket today.  I didn’t go back out to check my meter.  I didn’t figure I would be all day doing something simple.  It was supposed to be simply making sure the settings were right in an identical model printer that needed set place of one that broke.  That definitely didn’t go as planned.  It took about 6 hours to figure out what was wrong and to find a work around.  As for the ticket, I hate that they will write me tickets when I have signs on the side of my car that clearly show my business name and should be a good indicator that I am inside working.  I try to go back to check the meters as often as I can and I usually park at at least a 2 hour meter, but the meter I found today was only a 30 minute one.  I actually thought that would be all the time I would need.  My line of work doesn’t allow me to know how long a particular appointment will last.

I’m supposed to go to back to Wheeling tomorrow… but don’t think I’m going to go.  President Bush is going to be there for a “Town Hall Meeting” and it will make getting around town hard.

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