One would think that I am a hard core gamer.  I either own or have owned most game systems.  Right now, I have a Nintendo 64, Atari Jaguar, Dreamcast, PS2, PSP (which I traded my Xbox on, but kept the games) and the 360.About a month or 2 ago, I bought a Nintendo DS, but ended up selling it after about 2 weeks because it didn’t impress me.  I play the PSP more and like it lots better.   I do like to game, but rarely have time for it.  In fact, I have lots of games that I’ve bought, but never played.  Of late, I have taken more time to play.  I mentioned Call of Duty 2 for the 360 before.  Well… a couple of weeks ago, it started acting up.  It wouldn’t play properly, sometimes wouldn’t load, etcetera.  So, I looked at the disc to see if it needed cleaned.  It was cracked… starting from the center out.  It finally stopped loading.  So, I am without it.  Hopefully, it won’t be for long; as I sent it to Activision to get it replaced.

I decided this morning that I am going to get into better shape.  So, I worked out some with the weight machine.  It just so happens that I also ended up mowing later in the day.  So, I mowed, and mowed…. and mowed… and I think between the two, I over did it, today. I am feeling it.  But, I took a shower and then went for a ride on the motorcycle at about dark.  It was still really warm and it gave me a chance to get out some and get my mind off things and just ride.

I was at EBGames the other day and was going to buy another game for the PSP, but I had already picked out $30 worth of $3.00 movies.  So, the game has to wait.  It is puzzle games: crosswords and such.  There was another that I saw that looked good, but I forget what it was.  I also saw advanced orders on Call of Duty 3.  That looks really good, too.