One of my clients has a computer which needed repaired.  They left the DVD “The Sweetest Thing” Unrated Version in the drive, so I sat down this morning to watch it.  I turned it off after a short while.  The crude language, gratuitous sexual content, smut….. was ridiculous.

That sort of ties into my next post, which will be after this one about movie ratings and religion.

I received my certificate from Sam Goody for $15 off, so I decided to take the motorcycle and see what they had.  I had hopes of getting a game for about that price.  I finally settled on “Oblivion” since nothing cheaper appealed to me.  I usually use the credits or free rentals to get things I’m not sure I would like.

After getting that, I decided to just ride for awhile.  So, I did.  Sharyn didn’t get in touch with me, so I presume she didn’t get her S40, yet.

I have been thinking a good bit lately and the theme of my last post has prompted me to think perhaps it would be quite acceptable to stop fighting the idea; and embrace my coming future as a lonely, bitter (old) man.