In the interest of finding like-minded motorcycle riders, for riding or even dating, I found a few motorcycle community/dating sites.  Sharyn had found and recommended it.  It is oriented more toward the dating side of finding riding buddies, but I found their searching options to be pretty much useless and not worth paying for.  I recommended to them more than once that they add a “smoking” and a “drinking” filter.  They apparently didn’t think my money was worth the effort.   Not everyone who rides is a smoker and/or drinker.

Another couple of sites I found were bikernation and bikerworlds.  They are more like the “myspace of motorcycles”  I set up accounts at those, too.  It soon became apparent that these kinds of sites are catering to the “biker” lifestyle.  I am not a “biker”.  I am a motorcyclist.  There is an overwhelming atmosphere of sex, drugs, drinking, smoking, and wild partying at these sites and alot of real world “bike events.”   I am just not interested. 

You can’t even look at the profiles and comments without soon being subjected to sexualized comments, crude and vulgar language, nudity, and pictures of people engaged in sex of all kinds.  There were a couple of women at those sites I would have liked getting to know, but when they even allow their “friend comments” to remain on their profile with that kind of content, my opinion of them automatically drops.   I guess since I feel the way I do about respecting women, treating women properly,drugs,smoking, drinking, and  keeping sexuality between intimate partners, I’m not their type anyway.

So, recently, I discovered that Geico (my motorcycle insurance company) had started a motorcyclist community online –  It doesn’t have a huge base, yet.   But, I like that it is about motorcyclists rather than bikers.  I set up a profile there and have been posting about some of my rides.

The direct link is

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