PGR Deputy Ron Meyer

I’m just getting around to getting this posted from more than a week ago.

Thursday May 31st

There was a Patriot Guard Riders mission in the Wheeling area for a Deputy that was killed while riding his ATV.   The turnout was large, from both the community and the law-enforcement/safety community.  The  PGR had about 30 bikes there; with the total being 50 or 60.  It was a pretty large procession.

I had been paged Wednesday to go work at the city/county building not far from the mission site and almost decided against the ride.  But, the client was understanding and didn’t mind me coming to work “in my ‘biker’ garb” so I was able to attend after I did the mission ride.

I left Weirton in a cool morning, dressed in layers in preparation for the expected high temperatures and hot sun.  It definitely got hot that day.  Because of the long time standing, one member brought water in a cooler for all the members.  Waiting for the procession to get moving was extremely hot, too.  When moving, it wasn’t bad.

After the mission, I went to the city/county building to work and then rode the approximately 30 miles back home.

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