Feeling Exhausted, But

Feeling exhausted, but not feeling like I can sleep.  I need to go try, though, because I have appointments to do tomorrow.

I discovered 3 large holes on the far side of the greenhouse today.  I was trying to see why the covering hadn’t blown up, yet. It is two layers of a plastic that has air pumped between them to make an insulation barrier. After I patched the 3 holes I discovered today, the layer started holding air. Now, I have to make one more minor repair and I think it can be used.  It’s a good thing, because it’s supposed to hit the lower 30’s overnight in a couple of days.

Update: Wed. 9 a.m.  Ok…. so don’t post to your blog when you are so exhausted that you are literally falling asleep as you type.  I have now fixed the parts of this post that made me look like a babbling idiot.

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