Friday Night Dream

I had a strange dream Friday night.  I am just now getting to writing about it.  I was at the house across the street, trying to go in the door.  Instead of being on the front of the house where it is, the door was on the side.  It was an odd door and I seem to recall that it was a pocket door.  Not quite sure, though. Anyway…. there was an entity of some sort that wouldn’t let me in the door. There were people behind me, like I was leading them.  I spoke to the entity and told it that I was going to come in and get the cat and rabbit.  It spoke and said I couldn’t have them.  As I tried to enter the open doorway, a force pushed me back and I fought against it to get in.  As I was pushing through, I saw the white cat and white rabbit floating in the air as if someone was holding onto them.  I grabbed one and snatched it away from the entity.  I don’t remember at the moment which one it was, but I think it was the cat.  As I did that, the other broke the grip of the entity and scurried off further into the house.

The next thing I remember is being in my own house, in my bathroom, doing something to the ceiling light.  As I was working on it, a very small infant body — wrapped up like a mummy — fell out of the light fixture.

This concludes the weird dream.  Now… I’d like to know what that all  means.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Night Dream

  1. Best guess. 🙂

    Well, I normally say houses are equivalent to a whole person, or their soul/spirit. So, the house is you.

    People are ideals, so you’ve got a few of your ideals together.

    Conflict is sorting out an internal problem that you haven’t resolved. So, you versus the entity.

    Not sure what the entity would be?

    Animals = people. White cat and white rabbit? I’d guess they’re the ideal representation of two women. Something you’re striving/fighting for, but can’t reach? We could guess who the two animals represent, but since they’re white, I’d have to say that they are your ideal vision of them.

    You’re holding on to one of the ideal women over the other. The other is still there, just deeper in your psyche.

    Back to yourself again, in a different part of your soul. Working on light? Maybe you’re working on a solution? infant = ideal that is beginning to take form?

  2. I have some ideas on your ideas. But, I now have to rush off to work.  So…. we’ll delve when I have more time.

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