One of my nephews was working out of town over the last few days.  At one location, he and co-workers were sitting/standing beneath a tree when two baby squirrels came down the tree to stop on one co-worker’s shoulder.  They looked for a mother and couldn’t find any sign, so they decided to try to feed them and keep them safe.  My experience tells me that it rarely works; so it’s better to let mother nature take her course if your conscience will allow you.

Nephew brought the one here for me to see.  His little boy brought it to me while I was sitting at the computer.  When he handed it to me,  I knew instantly it was very sick.  It appeared to be having trouble with breathing and such.  It was very lethargic. As soon as I touched it, I could feel that it was wanting comfort and asking for help.  I know… that might sound strange.  But, it’s a fact.  I’ve always had this sort of empathy with animals of all sorts.  It’s one reason that I don’t hunt.  I haven’t hunted since I was a child.  I could if I needed to eat…. but I’d rather not. Anyway, the poor little thing was clinging to anyone for comfort.  It was nearing death and I knew it.  My nephew and I talked about what it needed to eat and that it should not be handled much because it was stressed physically.  I tried to prepare him that it was near dead.

It died a couple of hours later. I feel sorry for it.

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