I’m Getting In A Mood

I’m getting in a mood.  It’s a bit complex and hard to describe.  But, one aspect of it is that my tolerance is low.  My interaction with people over the last few days has been…. uhm…… short.  Coinciding with that, ironically, is an increase in my mailing list postings/emails/I.M..  So, I have succeeded in ticking a few people off.  That’s nothing particularly new, however.

And sometimes, people need a little ticking off to wake them up. The young woman that I went to the hospital with…. the mother of my great-nephew…. for one. I just finished a conversation over I.M. with her, which she initiated, about her health and about taking her responsibility to raise her kids seriously.  I’m sure she’s ticked off right now. But, maybe it will be the impetus she needs to take her motherhood seriously. The same for my nephew. So, if that requires that I get to be the Ogre…. that’s fine with me.  Being seen as the big bad Ogre is little sacrifice if it results in the kids getting the best parents they can.

Fall is coming…. but it is unseasonably warm here.  So, sometime this weekend I would like to get out on the motorcycle for awhile.

G.G. told me this evening that she was disappointed in not seeing any posts from me. She said she came to read for entertainment…. and I said I wonder exactly how I’m supposed to interpret the word “entertainment”. I wonder…. is that “entertainment” like, “He writes well and paints good scenes and word pictures,” or is it “Ha! Ha!  He’s such doofus!” Or maybe something like, “He’s such a loser.  I didn’t realize studying freaks could be so much fun.” I’m sure she’ll tell me now 

One reason I haven’t posted much lately is because I get busy and forget what it is I want to post.  That… and I get so tired that I forget. I have thought of probably 20 things over the last few days that I wanted to journal about…. but right now I can’t think of them.  I probably should set up my PDA to make email postings and try to write them in it at the time I think about them.

Oh… one thing was about a scene in a show I watched.  It was……… “Ghost Whisperer” where she sees and talks to ghosts to help them cross over. The one I watched was about a couple that were in love. The man died young and the woman was left.  She said that she didn’t know how to go on without him and, “I don’t want to be here without you.”  The romantic in me says, “I want to have that kind of love.” I have loved that much… but it was one sided.  It wasn’t reciprocated. But, I don’t think it’s in my future. That’s a sad thing.

Well… I just fell asleep typing.

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