Number 1,345

Number 1,345 of the things that I think of and want to post but then forget again to post until I’m away from the computer is:

I got my Guitar Hero II a few nights ago and started playing it.  I liked what I got to play. After a few songs, the system came up with an error of “disc unreadable”. So…… I can’t play now and have to see about getting a replacement.

Which leads to Number 1,095 of TTITOAWTPBTFATPUIAFTC:

Over the last couple of weeks or more, I constantly am getting setbacks in one form or another.  I have had multiple parts ordered that were bad.  I have had things breaking all around me.  I think something is fixed and it’s not.  Things get delayed. I forget to do things that need done. Small jobs are becoming big jobs.  Big jobs are becoming even bigger jobs.   Add to that my nightly lack of sleep and my daily sense of exhaustion…. as well as my physical and emotional state…… and it might explain more of the mood I mentioned in my previous post.

Ok…. that sounds slightly like a whine.  It’s more of a statement of explanation.  I normally take things in stride and just roll with the punches. So… it’s less whine and more description.

Oh…. speaking of forgetting….(Number 795)  And….I got called for jury duty for Tuesday.  But, needed to call the jury line after 5 p.m. Friday to see if the trial is still on.  I forgot to call until Midnight last night.  But, I did call.  And the trial is off. So, I can now work on Tuesday.

Well… that’s a few of the number out of the way.  I’ll get to the other 10,000 in the future, I am sure.

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