Motorcycle Dream

I dreamed about a man and boy on a motorcycle getting run over by a tractor-trailer.  The scene was like an entrance road/parking lot to an industrial site or large truck-stop.  It had potholes with standing water.  There were a lot of cars, trucks, and motorcycles moving around.  I watched the truck and motorcycle passing closely beside each other and noticed that the truck driver was watching the motorcycle closely in his rear view mirror.  The motorcycle had a larger touring cruiser look to it.  The rider noticed water in a pothole and tried to get around it by moving toward the trailer and fell sideways slowly. The truck driver saw him and just as I tried to yell for him to  not move, he  backed over and then pulled forward over the rider and bike. The boy on the bike was out of my view at that point.  In the dream, I couldn’t yell out to the driver loudly enough and I think I actually tried to yell out in my sleep. There was a lot of noise in the dream. I got the impression that the driver thought he ran over them, panicked,  and was trying to get off of them and didn’t know that if he had just sat still nobody would have been hurt.  It was an unsettling dream.

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