Late last night, I decided to check email one last time before bed.  I sat down in my chair and noticed a sudden cold and wet feeling at the seat of my pants.  It’s quite a feeling to sit down — wearing your newly cleaned jeans — into a puddle of cat vomit. Lovely….. lovely, I tell you.

Would that I had the time and money to write exclusively.  I would be able to keep so much more up to date with all of the blogs/planned blogs/political discourse/social discourse/books that I try to write.

G.G. told me last night that I made her cry at 5 o’clock in the morning.  We had discussed the PGR the other night and I had sent her my journal entry written about my first PGR mission.  So…. we’ve now negotiated 7 a.m. as a better time for me to make her cry with my writing.

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