Sunday Ride to Cooper’s Rock

I had planned on taking the Volusia out on Sunday.  It was supposed to get to a high of 80 with clear skies and sun.  I got in touch with Rhillai and we planned to meet at a park called “Cooper’s Rock” which is a natural rock formation that is amazing.

When Sunday arrived, I was torn whether to go.  With my computer being down for an upgrade gone awry, I wanted it fixed.  But,  I was waiting for a drive to copy which was going to take a few hours.  That had me at a standstill of sorts.  Plus, I think I was needing some time away from that for a bit.  I thought about working on my Jeep, since it was needing the rear brakes.  I thought about staying home and working on that; but wasn’t sure if there was a recall on the brakes.  I wondered how much might be covered under the warranty.  I didn’t think there would be much if any at all… but thought it would be worth calling to find out.  So, I decided to go ahead with the motorcycle ride.

I met with Rhillai at Cooper’s Rock and we looked at the overlook and then went to look at an 1800’s iron furnace which is a bit of a walk down a trail.   It was a nice ride; but the ride back was nicer.  I took the back roads on the way back and was more leisurely than the ride there. The ride there was mostly 4 lane with me going highway speeds. I picked a perfect day for the ride, though.  It was warm and clear skies with a bright sun.

It was nice to be able to talk to Rhillai for a bit, too.

I was thinking during the return ride that it was the kind of day that Sharyn and I would have gone for a ride. It was the perfect kind of day for her. Normally, one of us would have called the other and we would have ridden together.  Sigh.

When I returned, the drive was finished copying and I set to work on getting my problem solved. Within a few minutes, I got things on the road to repair and was finally making progress. So, at times, it’s good to walk away from a problem for a bit.

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