What a day…..

I don’t usually say, “It was a bad day,” or things like that. Today….. ugh.

My nephew turned up missing today and it appears as though his birth mother is partially  responsible.  If “witnesses” at the bus stop are to be believed, she picked him up and illegally transported him out of state. Now, the police are looking for him and them.

I had some tough things to deal with related to work, also.

I also got into an argument with my sister and mother.

Tonight, I sat down to play some COD4 and got into a room with some regulars.  While playing, I spoked to GG and to NF a few moments apart and neither spoke. When I spoke to them and they didn’t reply, some others in the room said, “They aren’t talking,” and “They’ve been doing that.”  I wondered why. I figured they were private chatting together. After that match, I jumped out to get into some points games.

Then, I sent GG a message asking if she was talking to NF.  Awhile later, she said she wasn’t; that she was just tired. So, I just said “night” to her as she was leaving without thinking too much of it. But, as I thought about it later; it wouldn’t have taken much for either one of them to just say, “Hi,” when I spoke.  It’s better than being ignored.  I’ve had this kind of issue before and I tend to get hurt or feel like someone is mad at me when something like this happens.  I start to try to figure out if I have accidentally said something that made someone mad…. or if possibly someone else has said that i said  something I didn’t.  So, it bothers me.

After that….Tonight, the WV State Ride Captain sent me an email saying, “Consider it done.” in response to my email telling him if he didn’t want me to answer his emails, he knows how to stop my replies. The bad part about it, is that I haven’t sent him any emails for an entire week.  It’s like he’s intentionally trying to stir things up again.

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