Nephew Update

In between my business work, I have been trying to recover information off my nephew’s computer.  I discovered that he deleted everything that he had been using to communicate with his birth mother.  I recovered enough information to know that her husband (a truck driver) made arrangements to pick him up at the school bus stop. She had been lying to him, telling him all kinds of things that aren’t true. She told him things like, “they (the family) had a plan all along to take you kids away from me,” and “I had to give you up to make your life the best.”  She’s just plain bad.  She’s a bad seed. She manipulated him and he apparently wasn’t happy to wait until he turned 18 to see her. She even lied to him about how he could make his own choices legally. She told him she tried to kill herself twice because she loved him and his sister so much that she couldn’t stand it. I haven’t finished looking through all the information, but I did find some conversations and I also found where she is. I have passed on the necessary information.

If the police don’t catch them, he’ll see sooner or later what kind of woman she really is… and it will be too late then to cry that he didn’t know. I tried to tell him and he was refusing to listen to anyone.  He has this idea about her that isn’t real and he has this idea that he needs his mother.

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