Uhm… Where Am I?

Uhm… Where Am I?

So…. This morning, I was in the courthouse working after being paged and moving around my schedule.  It’s about an hour away and they were having printing problems with one printer.  I got there and quickly discovered that it was an electrical plug which had fallen partly out of the wall. One of the women said she “felt bad” that it was only a plug.  I was talking with the boss and explained that I am a student of human nature and can see the humor in the situations like that.She said she was, “trying to see the humor in it,” but was having a hard time. I said, “I tend to think of us just mammals and sometimes like trained seals.”  She said, “And not so well trained ones at that sometimes.”  We laughed and I headed for the elevator.

Little did I know my words would soon come back at me.

I entered the elevator on floor 4, pressed the button for 1 and got caught up in thought.  The elevator stopped and as a woman entered, I stepped off.  I was deep in thought and was sort of working on autopilot.I looked ahead.  No lobby.  I looked left. No lobby.  My brain, at this moment, was trying to subconciously process how this could be.  “All of the elevators open into the lobby,” it said.  I looked right.  No lobby.  I turned, only to see the woman still holding the door open and looking at me.  She apparently saw a look or a mannerism that clued her into the reality that I was not where I wanted to be.

I said, “I think I’m in the wrong place,” still not having fully processed the situation and where I was.
“Where are you going?”, she said.
“To the lobby.”
“That’s downstairs.  It stopped for me.”

So, I walked back onto the elevator and… sure enough, it had stopped on floor two.  As we were heading down, I said, “I was thinking and wasn’t even aware it had stopped on the wrong floor.”  She said, “I hate when I do that, especially when I’m driving.”

Human nature.  The Human Animal.  Hmmmm………

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