Almost Got Killed Today

I almost got killed today.  I had to run a few small errands and since it was nice, I decided to take the motorcycle.  I was coming back on King’s Creek Road — a winding two-lane road — so that I could take a cross road and stay away from the current detour on the main road through the county.  I was coming around a blind turn, when all of a sudden a red cavalier came out of nowhere at a very high rate of speed…. in my lane.  He was using half of **my** lane.  I had no time to react and I don’t know how we missed each other. His rear fender just missed my left side by about an inch.  He slid to a near stop with squealing tires and then took off at a high rate of speed.  He didn’t even stop or come back to see if I was laying dead in a ditch.  I finally got stopped and was so shaken that I could barely breath.  In all of my years of driving, with all the close calls I’ve had,  I have never had this much reaction.  My chest actually hurt afterward and I was shaking uncontrollably. 

Then, my sense of justice and anger kicked in. I was still sitting stopped in the road, so I turned around and went after him.  He was running at such a high speed, it took me a few minutes to catch him at my own high rate of speed.  When I finally caught up to him, he suddenly started driving normally and when we got to a stoplight, I pulled into a parking lot and called the police. I wanted to drag him out of the car and hold him for the police.The only problem is that I couldn’t stay with him **and** make the call because of the noise and needing to drive.  After the call, I tried to find him again so I could call the police back when he stopped, but I have a suspicion he went to hide because I couldn’t find him anywhere.

I thought I was done and leaving this earth in a lot of pain.  It took me a long time to stop shaking and hurting. Stupid, wreckless cagers!

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