P and T Take On PETA

Anybody who has read anything I’ve written about  PETA in the past knows that I don’t like them or trust them.  They are a dirty organization with truly crazy and mentally deranged ideas.  If you are a PETA member and have any operating brain cells left, it’s time to get out and understand that they do evil upon both animals and humans.

Penn & Teller take on PETA in one of their episodes. (NOT WORK FRIENDLY).

I don’t agree with Penn & Teller on lots of subjects.  Nor do I like their choice of delivery techniques; but they are telling the truth about PETA.  Actually, they missed some more things about PETA which I have mentioned before.  Things like PETA’s almost complete lack of support for humane shelters while giving money to terrorists.  Yes, Animal Rights TERRORISTS.

The video is here.

Taking the day for me

Thinking about taking the day and going out on the motorcycle.  CaptKenny from over on the Intruder Alert message board is in Washington, so we might meet up today for a ride through some back roads around Western PA and the Northern Panhandle. The others I invited haven’t answered, so I don’t figure they are wanting to go.

 Later today is a birthday party for my nephew’s step-daughter.