P and T Take On PETA

Anybody who has read anything I’ve written about  PETA in the past knows that I don’t like them or trust them.  They are a dirty organization with truly crazy and mentally deranged ideas.  If you are a PETA member and have any operating brain cells left, it’s time to get out and understand that they do evil upon both animals and humans.

Penn & Teller take on PETA in one of their episodes. (NOT WORK FRIENDLY).

I don’t agree with Penn & Teller on lots of subjects.  Nor do I like their choice of delivery techniques; but they are telling the truth about PETA.  Actually, they missed some more things about PETA which I have mentioned before.  Things like PETA’s almost complete lack of support for humane shelters while giving money to terrorists.  Yes, Animal Rights TERRORISTS.

The video is here.

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