Sick Again

I got sick again.  I’m getting fed up with this.  This time, it felt like a cold, except that I had bad chills, sweating, upset stomach, and my heart pounding and racing the other night for most of the night.  I started getting better after that night.

I went to the wildflower reserve at nearby Racoon State Park last Saturday.  I got some nice photos.  It was a nice day for the walk.  I needed it, given the turmoil in the extended family of late.  As I was walking along the creek, I noticed how clear the water was and how you could see lots of minnow sized fish.  I made a comment that I didn’t remember ever seeing large fish in the creek before.  Not 30 seconds later, a big bass went swimming down the creek with the flow of the water.  A few seconds later, 3 or 4 more big ones went down.  It was odd timing.  I looked up the creek and noticed two Canada Geese swimming upstream.  While I was looking, two whitetail deer came running in my general direction, headed for the creek.  I took a picture just as one was running through the creek ahead of the geese.

Some time ago, I think I mentioned a woman that I was interested in getting to know.  I had talked to her a few times since then.  On Valentines Day, she was upset because the boyfriend of a couple of months hadn’t done anything for her for Valentines Day and she said something like, “He won’t be my boyfriend anymore if he doesn’t at least acknowledge the day.”  A couple of days later, I found out he hadn’t done anything for her. I gave her a small token of friendship so that she would have at least received something for the day and she remarked, “I got more for Valentine’s Day from other people than from my own boyfriend.”   A few days ago, I was back at the business and she wasn’t there.  She had, however, called into the business while I was there to talk about some business matters with the other employees.  During the conversation, the boss commented, “Oh, she’s just in love, that’s all that’s wrong.”

Am I completely clueless?  I mean…. I see it happen all the time.  I watch women pick these guys.  But, I just don’t understand it.  Do they really think that things will change and the guy will suddenly care about how they feel after the guy has already demonstrated that he doesn’t?

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