Free Fisher

Free Fisher Music

I’ve mentioned Fisher before.  They are another of my favorite bands and I have met them personally.  Kathy is from Middlebourne, WV…. where some of my family is from.

Every year at about this time, they would release a Christmas CD called “December”. This year, Ron re-worked “Christmas Face” (and I think a couple others) and has posted the CD again for a short time at their website.

If you’d like to hear some things from Fisher and get a chance at some free Christmas music at the same time, just visit the link below.

Fisher, December

***Update 08/13/2014***
Due to the unprofessional, rude, and hateful behavior directed at me from both Kathy and Ron, I have decided I will no longer recommend them, nor purchase any more of their music.

You do what you feel comfortable with; just as I am.

I watched “Constantine” tonight.  It was a decent movie.  There were some good special effects in it and I liked some of the “Good vs Evil” aspects.