Sunday Morning, Man-Pigs and Beauty

Not much going on.  A high wind advisory is in effect and it has finally arrived.  They are expecting wind gusts to near 60mph.  As I am writing this, it’s getting pretty windy.

I’m hating porno spammers (and spammers in general) more and more.  They are about the only people who ever contact me.  I logged into MySpace this morning to find 20+ messages from some porno spammer(s) pretending to want to get to know me.  This happens a lot.  I get them in IM on Yahoo and other places, too.  No, I’m not interested in porn.  No, I’m not interested in “meeting for sex” or “meeting to hook-up” or whatever.  No, you aren’t “visiting in my town” and I don’t want to see your website front for a porn website subscription.

At Myspace, for example, I have only a handful of people added as “friends”. Most are musicians I like to hear. I never get friend requests unless they are musicians wanting to spread their music.  I don’t have people just talk to me…. nice (important word), “normal” people.  Was looking at profiles/blogs of people in my “network” and came across a blog entry by a really pretty woman that was commenting (complaining?) about “random” men contacting beautiful women.  These “random” men are apparently a nuisance to beautiful women.  She mentioned that she’s (paraphrasing) “not just talking about photos, either — have you read some of these profiles….. what????” Yeah… there are superficial/creepy/dangerous men out there.  Man-Pigs abound.  But, there are plenty of women who only care about what a man looks like, too.  Or how much money he makes or will make.  There are plenty of women who only want to have “fun” and attention without caring about morality, ethics, and the emotions of others.  She mentioned how mid-life crisis men write to her, too.  That attention from men comes from society being focused on looks.  But, her response makes it look like she’s focusing too much on physical beauty, too.  In particular her comment about “not just talking about photos” of these “random” men.  In addition, women help to perpetuate that problem by focusing on their own looks so much.  They help to perpetuate it by making their clothes and hair and makeup so much of who they are as a person. I know women who won’t go outside without being made up — even if it’s to work in the flower garden.  When it comes to clothes, women often wear the most revealing, “sexy” outfits they can, then complain about the (unhealthy) attention it attracts.

Yes, I appreciate beauty.  But, a physically beautiful woman with no beauty in her soul and personality is not for me; she’s unattractive.  When I meet women like that…. they actually become less pretty…. less attractive to me.  A woman that has average looks but a good soul and personality becomes more pretty… more attractive.  A woman with the good sould and personality with the pretty face and eyes would be a bonus.

But, this woman should “enjoy” her empty attention… because beauty fades.  We nice”random” men would only like to have someone like us for who we are….. talk to us…. and possibly ultimately love us.  The Man-Pigs ruin it for the rest of us.

House with Bride Followup

House With Bride Followup

I was thinking about the House With Bride auction article.  It occurred to me that it was just a more subtle way to be a gold digger/prostitute.If she had just advertised for a man with $600,000, then she’d have the man, the house and the $600k with the $600k in his control.  But, she’d look like a gold digger looking for a rich man.  Or… just a prostitute.  But, this way…. she still gets the man,  the house, and the $600k.  But, the $600k is in her control and when they divorce, she can at least keep half the house.