I got my hair cut today.  I finally forced myself to find time to call for an appointment and there was an opening today.  It was so long, it was down past my nose.  The woman that cuts my hair has been doing it for a few years, now.  She said since it was so long that she would like to try a different style and make it a little longer.  She said if I decided I didn’t like it, that I could come back and she’d fix it  shorter at no charge.  Yesterday, I shaved the beard off again. I was working on it with the beard trimmer — a new one — and messed it up…. so off it came again.So, my brother-in-law called me and said I had to give him the new motorcycle cause I looked 12 years old and didn’t have the motorcyclist look anymore.

I still don’t have the paperwork for the motorcycle.  If he sent it out Saturday, I should have received it already.  I guess I’m going to have to call again.

Took the Jeep back to the garage so they could get the part installed.  They didn’t have it yesterday.  They got the part quickly and got it installed.  I’m about to go pick it up.