So very sad.

I’ve just been informed over on LJ that I have intruded where I’m not wanted. This revelation came about because of a disagreement with someone I thought was a friend.  Because of my posts to LJ about the situation her husband — my lifelong friend — has informed me that I’m an intruder into their lives.So, the only thing to do is to remove myself from the lives of those who don’t want me in their lives.  I’m sitting here so upset and in tears as I write this.  I came home this evening from the store (where I found Christmas gifts for my friend) only to find out that he thinks I have intruded where I’m not wanted.  By asking someone how they are doing, I am an intruder.  That shows the level to which I am not wanted in their lives, so I will have to accept that and remove myself from their lives.

It so hurts.  It’s so sad.

Surrealistic Happening

Had something occur to me that was sort of surrealistic.  A long time ago, so long ago that I had almost forgotten it, I had a dream about a woman “Marie Monet”.  In the dream, this woman was someone very important to me…. a romantic interest.  I don’t remember the details of the dream, but I remember the name.

Today, I was at a client’s location and met a worker.  Her name was Marie.  I don’t know any other women by that name.  This evening, I’ve spent quite some time on a community site looking at artists and blogs.I saw a photo of one woman that was interesting.  Her nickname was “Monet”.  I had a poem/song come to me tonight out of nowhere.  It is nearly done, but unfinished as of this moment; and is about seeking true love. After all of this transpired, I was sitting here and remembered the dream from so long ago about “Marie Monet” and saw the connection to today’s happenings. 

It might be nothing.  But…. it was interesting, to say the least.  It was an odd feeling to have the connection come together in my head.


Got a couple of trick or treaters tonight.  Not many.  It’s a shame.  We used to be known as **the** place to visit for Halloween.

Select an image using the Property Grid. My sister and her son.

Select an image using the Property Grid.  My nephew and his son.

Select an image using the Property Grid.  My nephew and his wife; sans her inflatible cow costume like my sister’s.

Select an image using the Property Grid.  Niece Samantha.

Select an image using the Property Grid.  Niece Brenda