Video Games

I rented two games last Thursday.  I never got a chance to play them until yesterday.  I wanted to play them before I took them back, even though they were due back Thursday.  So, yesterday I played each one for a bit.  I rented “Gun” and “Indigo Prophecy”.

Indigo Prophecy is like a movie.  You can switch between main characters and you make decisions that affect the flow of the story-line.  I think I might like it if I had more time to play it.  I thought it was interesting enough.

Gun reminded me of Red Dead Revolver but with better graphics and more story-line than I remember Red Dead Revolver having.

Pet Rescue

Pet Rescue

I saw a clip of an interview of  Rachael Leigh Cook, who is promoting the Rally To Rescue project.  You can order a bracelet and collar for $5.00 which will go toward helping animals needing help because of things like Hurricane Katrina.  It is a project of Purina.Apparently, Rally To Rescue directs funds to the smaller humane societies (and not the dispicable HSUS) so that the people who are directly helping can get funds.  One of the organizations they send funds to is Noah’s Wish, a non-profit that helps animals in disasters.  I’ve heard of Noah’s Wish before because of a conservative radio talk-show host who supports them, too.

Do your part.  Think of how the people in those areas feel when they experience such natural disasters.  Then, think how the poor animals feel when they things are happening around them which they don’t understand…. and are helpless to change.

People, Truth

Why is it that people rarely mean what they say?  It seems that I can never rely on whether someone is saying what they mean nor meaning what they say.