Reckless Drivers

I worked in the Wheeling area today. After I finished my work, I decided that I would take Route 88 up to Rt 67 since I was working right at Rt 88 and since the northbound lane of the highway was undergoing paving. Route 88 and 67 is a route I ride on the motorcycle sometimes because it is winding “country” road.  I was behind a car which was going a little above the speed limit when I noticed a maroon Grand Am speed up behind me. He was tailgating a good portion of the way, but I didn’t think much of it. I stayed with the car in front of me.  When we hit Route 67, the car in front turned left; the direction I was turning.  I noticed a white car coming this same direction, but with enough time for me to put out. I turned left.  A little way down the road, I noticed the white car was back a distance, but still behind me. Soon, I see the Grand Am speeding up on me at a very high rate of speed.  We entered a turn.   As I sped back up after leaving the turn, the Grand Am decided to pass me and the car in front of me on a double yellow line, on a short straight heading into a blind turn. As he approached the turn, an oncoming car exited the turn. The oncoming car braked and swerved to the right; the Grand Am swerved to the right and fishtailed; the car in front of me braked hard and I braked hard to keep from hitting them all since I was sure there was going to be a bad accident. It almost became a four-car accident.  I braked so hard that I threw my laptop computer out of the back seat, and everything out of the front seat into the floor.  I called the 911 from my cell phone and reported the incident. 

As I turned onto the main route of Wellsburg, I was looking to see if they had found him.
 I noticed two cruisers in a gas station/mart type building and saw his vehicle and pulled in. I said, “You almost took out me, the car in front of me and the oncoming car.”  The officer told me to be quiet.  I told the officers that I would press charges or do a citizen’s arrest.  I am sure that I read in the WV law that a citizen can do a “felony reckless endangerment” or “felony reckless driving” arrest in the presence of an officer.  They ignored my suggestion. 

They had me fill out a statement and said that it had to be given to a county deputy to determine if there was probable cause to issue a “reckless driving” summons and I would be called to court.

As I saw it, that translates into, “We aren’t going to do anything about it.” But, we’ll see.

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Recurring Dream

I’m having recurring dreams.  I keep forgetting the whole details, but I know they are dreams that I have been having.  It seems like while I’m dreaming them, I know they are recurring.

One (part) is me in a big office complex working.  The people that are there change somewhat, but one constant is that I am there doing computer work and they want me to sit in on a meeting. In the meeting, there is normally a man (the boss possibly) that is sick.  Last night, two of the men were sick and they were trying to tell me what kind of disease it was.  It was some neurological disease.

Another (part of the) dream is me running from night-of-the-living-dead type people. It is snowing or muddy and I am trying to get away from them. I think it is snowing, because I think it ties into the other dream or part of the dream where I am on a very slick, snow covered road and trying to get away from where I am. One scene in this one is really strange because I am looking at an old telescopic viewer — the kind like you see at overlooks and vistas — that you put a quarter in to see the view for so many minutes. I notice the sun coming through it and see small creatures on the mirrors. At first, I think they are large, clear snails without shells.  I start to take a picture and accidentally bump the viewer and it drops closed. Upon closer inspection, I notice that it is rusted really badly and I want to find out what is in it, so I try to pry it apart to get to them. When I do, I notice they are sentient and they want to go with me. It is really strange.

Well… time to get ready for work.

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