Reckless Drivers

I worked in the Wheeling area today. After I finished my work, I decided that I would take Route 88 up to Rt 67 since I was working right at Rt 88 and since the northbound lane of the highway was undergoing paving. Route 88 and 67 is a route I ride on the motorcycle sometimes because it is winding “country” road.  I was behind a car which was going a little above the speed limit when I noticed a maroon Grand Am speed up behind me. He was tailgating a good portion of the way, but I didn’t think much of it. I stayed with the car in front of me.  When we hit Route 67, the car in front turned left; the direction I was turning.  I noticed a white car coming this same direction, but with enough time for me to put out. I turned left.  A little way down the road, I noticed the white car was back a distance, but still behind me. Soon, I see the Grand Am speeding up on me at a very high rate of speed.  We entered a turn.   As I sped back up after leaving the turn, the Grand Am decided to pass me and the car in front of me on a double yellow line, on a short straight heading into a blind turn. As he approached the turn, an oncoming car exited the turn. The oncoming car braked and swerved to the right; the Grand Am swerved to the right and fishtailed; the car in front of me braked hard and I braked hard to keep from hitting them all since I was sure there was going to be a bad accident. It almost became a four-car accident.  I braked so hard that I threw my laptop computer out of the back seat, and everything out of the front seat into the floor.  I called the 911 from my cell phone and reported the incident. 

As I turned onto the main route of Wellsburg, I was looking to see if they had found him.
 I noticed two cruisers in a gas station/mart type building and saw his vehicle and pulled in. I said, “You almost took out me, the car in front of me and the oncoming car.”  The officer told me to be quiet.  I told the officers that I would press charges or do a citizen’s arrest.  I am sure that I read in the WV law that a citizen can do a “felony reckless endangerment” or “felony reckless driving” arrest in the presence of an officer.  They ignored my suggestion. 

They had me fill out a statement and said that it had to be given to a county deputy to determine if there was probable cause to issue a “reckless driving” summons and I would be called to court.

As I saw it, that translates into, “We aren’t going to do anything about it.” But, we’ll see.

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