Even when I try to get away……

from things and people that bother me, I can’t. My mother got her hair done by Sharyn today. Apparently, while she was there, Sharyn was upset over something in her family.  She called the new boyfriend to tell him about it.  My mother didn’t know that he was the new boyfriend, just that she heard Sharyn talking to him by name. My mother said he told Sharyn, “I wish I was there to hold you in my arms.”

When I heard the name, I knew it was the boyfriend she was talking to.  When I heard what he said, my internal response was, “So, do I.  I would tell her the same thing.”

I want to comfort her, also.  But, it doesn’t matter coming from me.

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See what happens when you ramble?

See what happens when you ramble?  I completely forgot the part of the “Writing and Riding” post about riding. So, the title seems to not quite fit somehow.  🙂

I wanted to take the motorcycle out and had sort of planned on it.   But, I just didn’t feel like going.  I wasn’t feeling my best.  So, I decided not to go and to get a few small things around here finished.  I just listened to my “little voice”, I guess.

I sent an email to the one tattoo place that is up around Cleveland.  I wanted them to give me an estimate and work up my idea.  They require $50 to work up the art.   He said, “Stop in when you’re ready.”   I don’t want to stop in to get the art work started.  I want to “stop in” when I am ready for the actual tat to be done.  I don’t mind paying the $50 if it results in good artwork.  But, in this day of technology, it shouldn’t be necessary to stop in just for the artwork to be started.

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It Must Have Been My Day To Upset Women

It must have been my day, yesterday, to upset women.  I was reading a post on a blog written by a young professional woman.  She said:

Would the other half of my “what if I were to meet a billionaire today”
pair of shoes please come out of the closet or whatever other hiding
place you’ve found in my apartment? A prompt return to my “what if I
were to meet a billionaire today” suit would be most appreciated by
the suit, your other half, myself, and any potential billionaires
roaming the Washington, DC metro area.

I took a certain impression away from those words. The other men who posted did.  Yet, she was irate when I asserted that those words give the impression of a woman looking to date or marry a man with money.  Then, she went on the attack and said it was my own relationship insecurities and tried to deflect the topic away from the fact that the words she used project a certain message. And they say women aren’t aggressive.  Ha!

In addition to that, I upset G.G. in the COD2 game.  I absolutely hate when people try to “glitch” or simply explore in a room when you’re playing a match. I think if you want to glitch or explore; start a private room or go hidden.  I just kept shooting them; which frustrated G.G.’s attempts to get to her “glitch” area.  She left shortly after.  I just wanted to play.  In the future, I guess I’ll just drop out when the glitching starts.

Shortly after that was when I discovered that the above mentioned “shoes” woman was irate; which continued this morning.

Overall…. not a great day yesterday.  And today is starting out the same.

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