I Don’t Get It

The other night, I sent Sharyn an email in reply to her text about being business associates.  I basically said that I could explain it, but I didn’t see the point since it wouldn’t matter; that I didn’t understand her, either; and that my only question was whether she would cut my hair. 

Today, I still hadn’t heard from her.  I decided to take the shirt and drop it off at her shop.  When I walked in, she was at the other end of the shop with a client in the chair.  Her assistant was at the desk. It felt……. thick in the air.   I thought I heard Sharyn say, “Hi, Mark.”  I said, “Hi.” I told the assistant that I was “just dropping this off.”  She said, “For her?”  I said, “Yeah.”

I headed for the door, turned and waited to get Sharyn’s attention. She stopped.  I said, “Did you make up your mind, yet?” She said, “About what?” “About you cutting my hair,”  I said.  She said, “I sent you an email.” I said goodbye and left.

All the way home, I wondered why she didn’t just tell me yes or no.  What was in the email? Had she answered?  Had she had more questions?  Was she telling me off?  Was she angry?  I read the email when I got home.  It was, “Sure Mark.”

Why couldn’t she just say that at the shop?  What was the point of making me wait the entire ride home for that?


Since it was a slow day for me… I went to bed.

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Morning, Weepies, and Sticking to my Guns

I walked out to my car today to retrieve something, and was thinking about what I’m going to do today.  I have a couple of things that need worked on here; and also a couple of things I could do at client locations. I thought that since I have to be near where Sharyn’s shop is, that I’d get her shirt out of my saddlebags and drop it off to her.

I walked back into the house and my brother was reading.  He asked if I’ve seen today’s horoscope. I don’t read the horoscopes anymore because I find them distracting and a waste.  However, the horoscope:

“Relationships add uncertainty to your day, presenting perspectives that
don’t easily fit in to your previous plans. It’s challenging, for the
situations you now face will not easily go away. Larger patterns are
being established that can influence your success over the next couple
of months. Sticking with your agenda is your best strategy so you won’t
be pulled off course by someone else’s distracting point of view.”

So…… that just seems to fit.

I watched a “Kyle XY” and it had a song by The Weepies — Nobody Knows Me At All. I liked it and decided to find out who it was. I like them.  They can be found at www.theweepies.com

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Am I Crazy?

I asked GG tonight — half jokingly — if she had read enough of my blog to think I’m crazy.

Seriously, though, I sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with me that makes me feel so differently about things.  I wonder if some people would deal with the situation with Sharyn in a different way.  Do I over-react to things emotionally? Do I have abnormal reactions? I don’t know. Sometimes, I wonder. 

When it comes to having these emotional reactions of hurt… when it comes to Sharyn and my feelings for her… I wonder if I’m having abnormal reactions.

Well…… falling asleep as I type… more later.

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Patriot Guard Ride Today

I awoke this morning with the intention of doing the PGR mission in Washington, PA. I made the 1 hour ride and arrived at the staging area. The mission today was a PGR member who was a Navy veteran.  He was killed in a motorcycle accident on Thursday. He was buried at the National Cemetary of the Alleghenies with military burial.

After the mission, I rode back, got cleaned up and took my brother to Pittsburgh, PA for a doctor’s appointment.

I watched a little tv while I ate, then played COD2 with some of the regulars….  had a nice chat with G.G. and then came here to the computer before heading off to bed.

So… I’m feeling the day and it’s time for me to go to bed.

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