I Don’t Get It

The other night, I sent Sharyn an email in reply to her text about being business associates.  I basically said that I could explain it, but I didn’t see the point since it wouldn’t matter; that I didn’t understand her, either; and that my only question was whether she would cut my hair. 

Today, I still hadn’t heard from her.  I decided to take the shirt and drop it off at her shop.  When I walked in, she was at the other end of the shop with a client in the chair.  Her assistant was at the desk. It felt……. thick in the air.   I thought I heard Sharyn say, “Hi, Mark.”  I said, “Hi.” I told the assistant that I was “just dropping this off.”  She said, “For her?”  I said, “Yeah.”

I headed for the door, turned and waited to get Sharyn’s attention. She stopped.  I said, “Did you make up your mind, yet?” She said, “About what?” “About you cutting my hair,”  I said.  She said, “I sent you an email.” I said goodbye and left.

All the way home, I wondered why she didn’t just tell me yes or no.  What was in the email? Had she answered?  Had she had more questions?  Was she telling me off?  Was she angry?  I read the email when I got home.  It was, “Sure Mark.”

Why couldn’t she just say that at the shop?  What was the point of making me wait the entire ride home for that?


Since it was a slow day for me… I went to bed.

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