I Think I Need a Long Motorcycle Ride

But, I have so many things to do, that I don’t feel right just taking off for a few hours to ride.  I have this feeling that I need to ride south through WV.  I don’t know why. 

Thursday night, I dreamed about my cousin and Jana.  I dreamed that Jana was pregnant.  In the dream, I wanted to help her. I felt bad that she was pregnant and “alone”. I wanted to marry her so that she wouldn’t have to raise the child alone.  I wanted to tell her, but was afraid to bring it up. My cousin was hinting that it was what she wanted, too.

For a few days now, I’ve had three people weighing on my mind pretty heavily.  One is Sharyn.  I even thought that she was thinking about me (perhaps it’s just my ego) and wanted to go riding. I felt like I knew what she was thinking; like I could hear her voice saying a few things to me.

So, yesterday, I was reading a couple of newspapers while I was waiting for a computer to get finished with what I was working on. The papers were beside where I was sitting, so I started reading for something to do. One of the horoscopes said something like, “Did you have a dream.  Did something in the paper or on tv catch your attention?  Someone is trying to communicate with you telepathically.”

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