Sunday Ride

I am exhausted. After the night at the ER and then working today, I am feeling beat.

So…. I’ve been planning a Sunday ride with a few people.  While I was sitting here trying to work out the logistics, a client came to pick up a computer.  I was trying to figure out where would be a good meeting place for Sharyn and for those coming from the Pittsburgh area.  The client arrived, so I took his computer out to his car… and the phone rang. It was Sharyn. She said she was probably going to be in Pittsburgh  and would ride from there to meet us, and then ride back with us after we look at the RennFest. In trying to figure out the logistics, I inquired where and when.  She told me where and said it would be Sat/Sun. so she would take the bike up on Saturday. She said she wanted to bring another person along that wants to ride, and she told him she would ask if it was ok. I don’t mind having new riders come along.  So, I said it was ok. Then she said that it is someone she has a romantic interest in and wanted to know if it would be awkward or weird. I said, “No.”

I don’t think it has to be awkward. But, it hurts. I don’t even understand why it even matters to her, really. Logically, it shouldn’t matter to her; nor to me.  Emotionally… it hurts.  And in my exhausted state….. it’s worse.

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