Writing and Riding

I haven’t been writing much.  I caught up on some things at this blog yesterday.  But, I haven’t written at the political or 2nd Amendment blogs for quite awhile.  I want to get those archived and moved over to their new spots, too. 

I’ve always wanted to write.  I’ve had a few minor things published in newspapers and even a short article in a magazine — a column which different people submitted their stories to — for which I got paid $50. Of late, I have been mulling ideas for books.  But, I think I would be better at writing non-fiction, rather than fiction.

Lately, it seems that my work is constantly beset by delays and setbacks. I have received wrong parts, had things that were hard to fix, had unrelated parts fail while I was working on something else, and generally have been feeling unproductive.

I didn’t do much over the weekend.  I put the towing socket on my Jeep, helped my b.i.l. put the brakes on his car, and played some video games.  While playing, G.G. prompted me to write more, not realizing that I had written several entries yesterday morning.  She also inquired whether she would be making any more cameo appearances in my blog. I dunno….. will she?   There was also a short discussion about societal behaviors that is rolling around in my head in preparation for a post on one of the other blogs.  We’ll see what happens with that.  I have also been rolling around an abortion post; but it’s been rolling around for several months now.

Well……. I guess that’s enough for now.

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