Weather and Motorcycle

There’s a tornado watch here in the tri-state area this evening.  It is very windy outside again. 

I got the paper for the motorcycle and got the regular plate on it today.  I have to back to get the title in the morning.  It may have been ready before closing today, but they weren’t sure how long it would take.  I haven’t gotten the vanity plate ordered yet.  I’m still trying to figure out which one I want to try for.  I was thinking I would try for the next in the series of my plate on my car.  But, then had a couple of ideas for other ones.  On a motorcycle, however, they can only be 6 characters.

I took the bike out the highway today.  I discovered I don’t like the windshield.  I think it’s too short and makes the wind buffet me in the eyes.  I would probably like it if it was longer.  But, as it stands, it took my glasses off my face several times.  I like how the bike handles, so far.  It seems like it handles a little easier on the highway than the smaller bike I’m used to.  I’ll know more as I get a chance to ride it more…. which may not be until Spring now.

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