Yesterday’s Ride

When we were riding yesterday, I was in front with Rhillai behind.  When you ride solo, you watch out for yourself. When you ride groups, you point out possible road hazards when you come upon them. Sometimes, you don’t have time.  Other times you point out road hazards when you don’t even see them yourself. At one point yesterday, I was on a winding two lane road with Rhillai behind.  I suddenly felt this strong jolt and sharp pain in my shoulders, neck and back; and my teeth smacked together. I hit this “hole” in the road which I couldn’t even see.  When we pulled up at the next stop, I mentioned it and he chuckled.  He said, “I didn’t see it, but I saw you drop about a foot and back up.  So, I went around it.”  Well….. I’m glad I could be so much help.  :->

Well…. I’m out to the yard to start digging in hopes of preventing the formation of lakes in my basement.

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