Friday and Saturday in Review

Rhillai came to stay here for a few days while attending the viewings and funeral services for his grandfather.  While here, he wanted to pick up a motorcycle that was partially disassembled to see if we could rebuild it. I had to work the one day, but near the motorcycle, so he went along and we brought it back after my appointment.  After some closer inspection, he decided it was better to disassemble it the rest of the way and sell the parts to salvage.  So, after I worked yesterday, we finished it and got it ready to take it today. 

The original plan was for Rhillai to stay long enough for us to be able to go for a motorcycle ride today since it was going to be nice — using my motorcycle and my b.i.l.’s. The weather was supposed to be cool in the morning hours and warm to about 75 today. So, this morning, we hooked up the trailer, loaded up the parts, and drove the hour+ to sell them.  When we returned, we got the bikes and rode out.

I really like riding.  I like an easy-going cruise on back roads and just taking in the outdoors. You can smell the seasons in the air and see nature without the shield of steel and glass surrounding you. We decided to make a loop ride through two nearby state parks.  One thing I noticed was a very faint smell of Autumn.  Autumn is coming.  There was a hint of it mixed in the with groves of pines.  There isn’t much visual evidence of it, yet.  But, I did see just a tint of color beginning in a place or two.  It was a nice ride.  When we returned, Rhillai ate and then he left for home.

One thing that struck me about the ride with Rhillai, is that it was pleasant and I didn’t have any of the aftermath which I would typically have after a ride with Sharyn. It was just a nice ride.  That’s all… nothing else.

After I returned, I took out my nephew’s new motorcycle so that i could see what it rides like.  It’s an 1800cc Honda and it has STUPID power!  It is a decent ride.  But, one thing that is reinforced in me when I ride a bike with no windshield is……. I will never, never, never, ever, ever, ever have another motorcycle without a windshield.  I am spoiled by my windshield.  I really like my bike and I LOVE my windshield.

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