Bad Days and Nights

I’ve been having an even harder time sleeping of late. The itching legs haven’t helped.  Now, my back/neck are starting to hurt like a few months ago when I had to go to the doctor about it.

During the days, it’s harder for me to think because I’m not getting enough rest. And… some odd things have been coming up in my work which make it harder for me to get jobs done.

When I do sleep, it’s fitful…. filled with dreams and images, etcetera.  A couple of nights ago, I awoke (for the millionth time) and looked at my clock.  I couldn’t get my eyes to focus on it and I thought it said 5662 or 6662.  When I closed my eyes and looked again, it was 6 something… near 7 o’clock. I nodded back off and awoke again… looked at the clock and it said either 10000 or 100000. I closed my eyes again and it said 7:00. So… I tried to remember the numbers and went back to sleep.  Before I awoke again, I saw the number 305.  So, I figured it might be worth playing them in the lottery.  I told my mother she should play the number 6662 and 305.  Yesterday, 5662 came out.  She played 6662. Today, in the midday 3 digit, 305 came out.  Sigh…. could have used that money.

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