This is a fresh cut, so I’m not quite sure if I’m feeling more angry or more hurt.  I was looking at the mail a few minutes ago and I had an envelope (with no return address) addressed to me “and guest”. My first thought was that it was from a client that had told me about a concert at a church.  I figured it was a reminder about that.  So, I opened it.  And it felt like a slap.

It’s an invitation for a “‘Friends and Family’ Christmas Party” from “Sharyn, Ed and Staff”. 

Oh, do I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about that.

It’s funny, because just recently I was thinking that Sharyn would be gearing up for Christmas and would not be thinking about me at all.  So, why should I about her.  I was thinking about how I was thinking about her less and how I was starting to get more settled with the status quo.   Now, I get this.  It would be easier to just believe that this was sent by a worker who didn’t know any better.  I am on her client list.  But……. I don’t know.

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