It’s Official. It’s A Cold

It’s official… it’s a cold. I’ve been fighting a cold for a few days, but I wasn’t sure if it was allergies acting up.  I’ve been around various candles, perfumes, etcetera and those sometimes set me off; as well as dust from cleaning. I thought it felt like a cold at times.  So, I’ve been treating it like a cold anyway, just to help with the symptoms.  And it’s working.  So, it feels like a mild cold.

This keyboard has to go.  I like it… but the keys are wearing out and I keep getting an “i” doubled or in the wrong place or skipping an “i” altogether.

I had a really rough night. I woke up constantly all night.  I had chills the first part of the night.  I had a bad time with my stomach after that.  Finally went to sleep for awhile after 4:30 or 5 and then dreamed. Or nightmared….. whatever you want to call it.

I dreamed that Rhillai and I were in a car in a snow storm.  I thought it was a car like an old one that my b.i.l. had when my sister married him.  Rhillai and I were trying to get somewhere and couldn’t.  I told him to try turning the wheels to the right; which he did and it got us some traction.  We were in a place where there were steep drop offs.  He got traction and tried to turn around or go back where we came. As we started backward, the car kept picking up speed and momentum kept it going.  He couldn’t stop it and we were soon going so fast it was as if we were going a couple hundred miles and hour backward. We both knew we were going to die.  As we were waiting to hit, we both reached over and grasped hands in a handshake for a brief moment. When we hit…. it was as if my mind didn’t want to allow me to die in the dream or we died and I wasn’t aware of it, yet.  We went into the past somehow.  I knew it because of scenes from the past I was seeing and because the clock in the car was all askew.  I thought it was reading 1988 in a weird fashion. And, the scenes I was seeing were from the 1980’s.

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