Wind and Bald

There are wind advisories in effect with expected gusts of 50mph.

There is a commercial — for a drug company, I think — in which the woman says things like, “Friends are beautiful. x is beautiful.  And… bald is beautiful.”  It gives her name in the commercial.

When I saw that commercial; each time I would wonder “Is she an actress playing a survivor?  Or is she the real person?  If she’s real, how is she doing now?”  There was just something about her that piqued my curiosity.  So, I decided to search the ‘net. I found lots of articles on her and also found her website. So, I sent her an email.

An excerpt from it:

Each time, I would think, “It’s not so much that “bald is beautiful”; but more that “She is beautiful,” and that true beauty is more than physical.  I have always been a man who believed that true beauty is more than the appearance of the body.  The commercial — and you — have reinforced that belief and proven that true beauty is not affected by bald.

So…. there you have it. A stranger telling you, based on some gleaned information and a commercial, that you are beautiful.  Take it for what it is worth, but know that it is heartfelt and given honestly.

So…. maybe I’m weird.  But it is what it is…. and… insert famous Popeye quote here. 

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